Charles Chow, the Public Policy Manager of META

“Always maintain your own interest separate from your core job.”

- Charles Chow

Charles is the Public Policy Manager of META, and also the Political and Government Outreach Manager (Greater China Region, Mongolia, Central Asia) of Facebook since 2019.

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Charles worked in Ming Pao Daily News during school days. But after graduating with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. he worked in KPMG for his first job, while he is the only applicant with a non-accounting major. Switching his lane to accounting, he took 2-3 years to explore what he love and switch his lane again. He joined Ogilvy for press releases, presentations, copywriting and meetings with clients. To get a master's degree and pivot himself & re-craft his career, he switches his lane to Singapore. Charles studied Social Sciences and worked for financial media. After returning to Hong Kong, Charles worked as the Press Officer in the Hong Kong government, then the Corporate Communications Manager in Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, finally Charles is the Public Policy Manager of META, also the Political and Government Outreach Manager (Greater China Region, Mongolia, Central Asia) of Facebook since 2019. From the story of Charles, we can see the possibility of changing your job nature and location, even if you don't have any previous experiences.

Future learning is all about self-learning

Our learning trend is moving to learner-centric. With the support of internet infrastructure, knowledge is no longer linear, but network-based. With platforms, including those in Meta, we can learn in a buffet style. For example, to train your sales skills, you can learn from the clips of MasterClass and TED. Eventhough a lot of companies are still investing in traditional platforms, we are still having a digital transformation. While we can keep on learning anytime and anywhere, we should never settle down.

Student Takeaway

“Thank you, Mr Charles Chow, for your inspirational sharing. I resonated a lot with your experiences, and I am currently in a position where I want to explore what inspires me. The advice to give me 2-3 years to try out numerous different experiences and explore more of what drives me was helpful. I had not considered a master’s program before, but the idea that once you figure out what motivates you, you should do a master’s degree to recraft your career, was thought-provoking.

Another piece of advice I feel I will be incorporating into my daily life is developing a core habit. A job may not fulfil all your needs, so you should develop and maintain your interests separate from your core job duties. Additionally, I strongly believe it is important to learn something new every day. Thank you for such a motivating sharing! #curiosity #passion #resilience

Shubham Jalan - Student from ENTR

“Thank you for Mr Charles Chow’s sharing. His occupational journey. His sharing left a few insights on me.


He shared his experience of failure when he was the only one in the company who failed a professional examination. When he faced this adversity, he didn’t get stuck, taking the exam again and again but carefully plan and evaluate his strength and weakness. His experiences of failure eventually enable him to explore a lot more career paths.


He also encourages us to absorb knowledge and news from reading. The books we read might give inspire us and give insight to us.


He is the first one who told us to separate our interests from our business. I always think that it would be the best choice to choose a job that is also my interest because passion would bring me the drive to work harder.

It is always interesting to explore and hear about different values and perspectives.”

Cas Leung - Student from ENTR3100

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