Yat Siu, the Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands

“Live to find your purpose.”

- Yat Siu

Yat Siu is a serial entrepreneur and wears many hats. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, a company focusing on leveraging popular brands, gamification, AI, blockchain and mobile technology to make engaging apps ranging from games to fitness solutions. He is also a director for TurnOut Ventures, a partnership between Outblaze and Turner Entertainment that brought to prominence the hugely popular emoticon character Tuzki. In 2017 he set up the Dalton Learning Lab, an afterschool lab environment that supplements Hong Kong students with skills not emphasized by the local education system, including divergent thinking and design thinking. He is the Founder of ThinkBlaze, the research arm of Outblaze investigating socially meaningful issues in technology. Yat has earned numerous accolades, including Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum and Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the DHL/SCMP Awards. A classically trained musician, Yat is a member of the advisory board of BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and a director of the Asian Youth Orchestra. 

Own the development of your identity

Yat Siu was raised in a musician family in Vienna, Austria. As his parents are both professional musicians, they do not have much companion time for him. Loneliness is exaggerated when you are the black sheep in a group of white sheep. Being an ethnic minority there, he felt excluded from society. As a result, he turned to the Internet. Everyone is equal online, which means there is much space to develop his identity. Yat fell in love with digital technology at a very young age. He continues to love technology and hope to build an open and equal space for others to explore their identity.

Yat believes web 3.0 is about empowerment. He encourages students to live to search and serve your purpose.

Student Takeaway

“Through Mr Yat Siu’s speaking section, I was inspired by his insights into the future of NFTs, blockchain, and metaverse. As I was interested in these fields these days, this section helped me to understand a lot. I agree with him that people should try to educate themselves with the continuous development of technology. Through this section, I realized that technology is a key to our generation, and we need to be more open-minded in adapting to changes. The concept of the metaverse is really incredible and his insights and intuitions toward these fields motivated me to do what I believe and think creatively. #integrity, #passion"

Hyeri Cha - Student from ENTR3100

“Thank you Mr Yat Siu for joining our ENTR class as a guest speaker to educate us about your vision of the metaverse and the future of Web 3.0 - As an individual with little knowledge about the metaverse, NFT and blockchain technology as a whole, I was able to push myself to learn about these concepts through conducting some background research on Animoca, and diving deeper into the projects that you are focused on. I am certain that many individuals such as myself are inspired by your #leadership and #passion for this growing space in which you are focused on creating positive impacts through ensuring equal and fair success for all users of the metaverse.

Krishna Jhangiani - Student from ENTR3100

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